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The VK2BFC Station

"Victor Kilo Two Bravo Fox Charlie"


A short history.

I was first licenced in July 2013 as a Foundation class station with the callsign VK2FRNK. I decided that within 2 years i would be a full call operator and in September 2013 passed my Standard class certificate and gained the callsign VK2HFS. What followed was 18 months of study culminating in my passing the Advanced Amateur Operators Certificate of Proficiency in March 2015 and receiving the callsign VK2BFC.

As both a foundation and standard station i was active on air in contests and working DX. I logged more than 800 contacts as both Foundation and Standard licencee. All using modest equipment and antenna systems.


My Station

My station is mainly Yaesu equipment and has so far managed to gain me the 1st place in the VK2/QRP section of the 2013 RD contest , over 300 points in SOTA , eDX & eAustralia awards from and contact a fair amount of regular and rare DX .
Including EP6T (iran) , T33A (banamba Isl), A41KJ (Oman)  , K1A (Wake Island), ZL7E (Chatham Island) , K1N (Navassa Island) and VK9DLX (Lord Howe Island).

The station consists of a Yaesu FT-950. A Kenwood TS-700A. And an ICOM Ic-208H.A Uniden 2020 i am restoring can be seen also.


Coupled with an MFJ-949 Tuner to a HF-6V Vertical  and 80m / 40m / 20m /15m Dipoles.

I have a 2m 11-element stacked array for 2m FM/SSB and a Hex beam for 20 ~ 6m.



I enjoy a ragchew and partake in a variety of HF and VHF Nets.  Including
the 7095 Net ( Mon-Wed - Fri at 2300 UTC on 7.095Mhz LSB) ,
the ANZA Net (Daily at 0530 UTC on 14.183Mhz USB) ,


Weekly NEVARC Nets  

Monday Wednesday & Friday at 23:00UTC on 7.095Mhz
Monday at 09:00 UTC on 146.975 (VK3RWO Repeater) 
Wednesday at 09:30 UTC on 3.622 MHz

I am a regular in contests and love SSTV and digital modes. Particularly PSK31 and RTTY.

I have been awarded with the Grid squared award and continents of the world award.


Where i can be heard.

I can generally be heard working any HF contest thats happening on HF.
I am usually on the 7.130Mhz DX net at 09:30 UTC Mon, Wed & Fri.
I can always be called on the local VK3RNE 2m FM Repeater on 147.000


The amateur radio club i am a member of.

I am a proud member of the North East Victoria Amateur Radio Club. Which meets at the Clubrooms  25 Silva Dve Wodonga Vic.

The club website is at .


Where i live


This is a photo of the city i live in ALBURY NSW AUSTRALIA

Albury is on the border of Victoria and New South Wales on the Murray River which is the longest river in Australia and known for its Murray Cod and European Carp. 

Albury NSW


Albury is one of the largest regional centres in Australia and has a population of approx. 50,000. It encompases an area of 306 Sq Km and was established in 1946.

More info on Albury can be found at



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